Privacy policy of BounZYX by GForce Productions

Last updated: 2021-09-01

This is the privacy policy of the game BounZYX ("it", "the game"), created by GForce Productions ("we", "us").
Here, we explain which data from your device is accessed and how we use and handle this data.
If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at:
Note that we may change the privacy policy at any time, if necessary due to updates to BounZYX, so please review it frequently.

Personal or sensitive user data

Any data that is related to you or your device is considered personal or sensitive user data.
BounZYX accesses the following two types of device information: Operating system and device ID.
BounZYX also collects and stores statistics regarding your progress in the game. These three things are explained below.

1. BounZYX checks which operating system your device uses: Android or iOS.
This is so that the game can run correctly on both operating systems, by choosing which part of the code it should run.
This data is not stored nor shared anywhere.

2. BounZYX accesses your device ID and uses it to encrypt and decrypt your save file. This is so that players cannot move save files between their devices.
It is only accessed at the moments of encryption and decryption and is not stored, nor shared.

3. The save file is stored on your own device, in your user data folder. It is not shared anywhere.
In the save file, the following data is stored:
- Skin that is used in the game that currently is selected
- Highscore, latest score, total score, monthly high score and corresponding month
- Whether the daily chance to win a prize is still open or already used
- Which gift codes have been used already on this device
- Amount of gold and silver coins currently owned and ever owned
- Which skins have been unlocked and which have not
- Game settings
- Version of the game when the game was saved
- Only if using cloud saving functionality: id of the account that signed in

BounZYX does not use any other personal and sensitive information. It does not need those, and therefore BounZYX has no access to:
- Financial and payment information
- Authentication information
- Phonebook
- Contacts
- Device location
- SMS and call related data
- Micrcophone
- Camera
- Body sensor data
- Calendar
- Storage
- Telephone
- Bluetooth

Therefore, BounZYX also does not request any additional permissions.


BounZYX does shows a banner ad, only in the screen where free coins can be obtained. No ads are loaded in all other screens.
The following table lists the connected ad networks and links to their privacy policices:
Ad network Privacy policy link
Facebook Audience Network
Unity Ads

In-app purchases

BounZYX contains in-app purchases. Purchases can only be made through the official frameworks of Google Play or Apple App Store.
All financial and payment information is communicated directly with Google Play or Apple App Store, BounZYX has no access to this.

We at GForce Productions will only see an overview of all transactions. Each transaction contains:
- The product that was bought and its price
- The order-id
- The date of purchase
- The country of purchase

The data cannot be traced back to you by us. They might be used in case of a refund. (Or to see if we have to pay tax and how much, but luckily you don't need to worry about that)

If making a purchase through the Play Store functionality, your personal information will be handled by Google Play. We cannot control how they handle your personal information.
For more information how they handle your personal information, please refer to the privacy policy of Google Play:
Google Play privacy policy

If making a purchase through the App Store functionality, your personal information will be handled by Apple. We cannot control how they handle your personal information.
For more information how they handle your personal information, please refer to the privacy policy of Apple:
Apple privacy policy

Cloud saving

On Android, BounZYX offers the possibility to save your game to Google Cloud using Google Play Games.
You can then continue with the same game data if you change to another device, or if you uninstall and reinstall the game.
This is on a fully voluntary basis: you can choose to keep the save file stored locally only, and there will be no contact with these Google services.

If you do decide to sign in to Google Play Games, your gamer id will be stored in the save file as well.
This is to prevent the same save file being used on multiple accounts.
Apart from that, BounZYX does not access any other data.
It will ask permissions to save and load to your cloud.

For more information how Google Cloud handles your data, please refer to:
Google Cloud privacy policy

Website connection

BounZYX receives information from our own website on whether a new version is available, and on the global highscores to display on the scoreboard.
Not any data is sent to our website or anywhere else (unless you use in-app purchasing / cloud saving, see sections above).

Special notice regarding minors

GForce Productions does not collect any personal information through BounZYX as explained in this privacy policy above.
Therefore, we also do not collect any personal information from persons under the age of 13.
If you believe any personal information could possibly reach us at GForce Productions, please contact us at: